Hobo Rapid

Mile: 7.88

Rating: Class IV

GPS:  35°34’29.05″N, 118°31’44.36″W

Description: There is a large tree island at the top of this rapid. You want to enter the river right channel working back left after the entrance. There is a hefty pour-over on river right as you come around the left-hand turn. The rest of the rapid is read and run with a large boulder at the bottom on river right that you will want to avoid.

Above 3500 CFS: At flows above 3500, this rapid has some large chundering holes after the pour-over so be sure to skirt right of them. Usually, you can take a piece of the holes if you are feeling up to it.

3500 to 2000 CFS: The holes become more manageable and you have more time to get left of the pour-over

Below 2000 CFS: At lower flows, there is a nasty rock barely exposed. It is located towards the center of the river at the bottom of the rapid.

History: Hobo rapid was the site of a slalom kayak training course for the Olympics. No longer used but cables still run several feet above the high water line.