River Log

Click here to get a Google Spreadsheet copy of a River Log. Why are River Logs important? They allow you to track your trips and make helpful notes based on river flows, or events. An example would be if you haven’t seen Limestone Rapid at 650 CFS in five years. Your River Log entry from that trip five years ago could give you insight into what to expect. “The drop is steep with a guard rock in the middle of it, run left of the feature.” They also make good keepsakes with entries of personal moments such as “Mom’s first rafting trip” or “Big surf and flip at Sundown -fun!”. Finally, on a more professional note, if you ever plan on commercially guiding, any outfitter would like to see a copy of this.

Historical Flow Data and Lake Levels

Keepers of the Kern

Keepers of the Kern is one of the largest forces for keeping the Kern River clean. Through education and hardwork, these volunteers ensure our precious resource is kept in good shape. Please consider volunteering for them or donating. Their website is located here.

Kern Valley Search and Rescue

Kern Valley Search and Rescue is a 501 (3) (C) non-profit organization and operates solely on the donations from the community. Kern Valley Search and Rescue (KVSAR) is the original Search and Rescue team in Kern County. The team serves the Kern River Valley and surrounding wilderness. KVSAR is located in the most diverse terrain in Kern County that includes many miles of the Kern River, snow capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, edges of the Mojave Desert, and Lake Isabella. KVSAR not only provides Search and Rescue services but also plays a vital role in support operations for the Kern County Sheriff’s Office. Due to the team’s level of expertise and experience, they are often called to assist outlying Search and Rescue units all over Kern County and California. KVSAR members pride themselves in being leaders in safety education of visitors, students, and residents of the Kern River Valley. Please consider donating. Their website is located here.