Kern Comeback

The final storm of the season is a good summary of our month of March: Wet and stormy. Our snowpack has done an incredible bounce and the Kern is north of comeback territory with a great rafting season now inbounds.

Upper Tyndall Creek has been recording a tenth of an inch an hour of Snow Water Content over the past 24 hours. It looks like this will continue until about 3AM tonight. This will put us over 10 inches on that gauge which I think will put us over 50% for our drainage. That may not sound like something to celebrate, but considering we stood at 18% snowpack (and the possibility of CA record worst) just four weeks ago, this is something to cheers over. The other reason to celebrate is that we know that 50% snowpack provides a fun rafting season as we’ve seen this data time and time again. Add in our lake storage from the 2017 high water year, and we are looking fine.

Will update later on the final tally of this atmospheric river event as we still have 24 hours to go on this storm.

Keep the snow dance up.

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