Flow Report 2/15/18

Upper Kern river has been hanging around 300 CFS the past week or so. What’s interesting is that the heat wave didn’t significantly raise flows which may indicate that there isn’t much low elevation snow.

The watermaster of Isabella Dam lowered outflow on the Lower Kern to sub-100 CFS for a few days and then has slowly ticked it back up to just under 200 CFS. We’re hoping that Dana Munn (watermaster) will drop it back down until May to help storage accumulation. He hasn’t been on the news to talk about this summers gameplan so we’re left guessing as to storage goals.

Looking forward, GFS and EURO models are showing a change in weather pattern. Hopefully they ring true and March can bring some snow. We’re still looking at a full season on the Lower Kern, the question is at what flows? TBD…

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